Geekway Events

Geekway is four days of open gaming. Many attendees happily play games from the library and Play and Win the whole time. Optionally, there are scheduled and informal attendee-run gaming events that you may wish to join for fun (and sometimes prizes)!

Official Geekway Events

Official events are posted on the schedule, have space reserved for them, and have become part of the Geekway tradition. To learn more, click on the event on the Calendar below and then click “more details.”

Saturday Trade Table - trade your games for something new
Daily Door Prizes - multiple chances daily to win your choice of games
Saturday Crokinole Tournament
Sunday Game Market - an informal flea market to buy and sell games

Attendee-run events

In addition, Geekway X attendees run several smaller events. See our calendar below for more information. This year’s events include tournaments for Pitchcar, Battling Tops, Peppino the Clown, Monkey Madness, Combat Commander, Netrunner, Euphoria, the DC Deckbuilding game, the Game Design Prototype “Speed Gaming” Competition, and more. To learn more about each event, click on the event on the calendar below.

Would you like to run an event at Geekway? Contact us with your idea and we will contact you to discuss how it can best fit into Geekway. Of course, you are welcome to schedule events on your own via the Geekway Guild page on BGG, and there will be a bulletin board to post events onsite.

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