Game Design Prototype “Speed Gaming” Competition

Game Design Prototype “Speed Gaming” Competition
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 Game designers are invited to bring game prototypes for a fast-paced playtesting competition. Each designer will have no more than 10 minutes to setup and explain his or her game, and then will spend 20 minutes playing his or her game. Players will rotate and the process will repeat three more times.

As a designer, you are welcome to bring a game prototype that plays no longer than 20 minutes and plays 2-6 players. The number and type of components is up to you.

 Games will be judged by playtesters and a panel of judges on the following criteria: originality of theme, innovativeness of mechanics, replayability, interactivity, fun, and gameplay overall.

To enter the competition, message funkdonut via BGG GeekMail or email Registration may be limited.

Prizes for the winning designer:

The opportunity to pitch your microgame and have it reviewed by Alderac Entertainment Group! (

A selection of Alderac Entertainment Group games for the winning designer

$50 donated by Genius Games (

A War Ender’s Toolkit from Eagle Games & Gryphon Games ( (kickstarter value $45).

A nifty certificate stating that you were the Geekway game design competition winner and all the bragging rights therein.

Prizes for playtesters:

First prize: One special raffle ticket will be given for each game playtested (maximum of 4), and the winner will receive a copy of Euphoria by Stonemaier (

Second prize: A second raffle will award one play tester with a blank, empty game box filled with blank boards and plenty of random bits for the game designer that lurks in you. Unleash the dragon!

Thanks to AEG Games, Genius Games, Stonemaier Games, Eagle/Gryphon Games for their support!

T-shirt preorders closing soon

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Free Games with Registration

Thanks to our friends at Miniature Market, we are able to once again give every attendee at Geekway a free game with their 4-day or Weekend Registration!

We have many titles available, with 15+ copies of every title! When you pick up your back at registration, you will also receive a randomly selected game from the following list:

Abandon Ship
Android: Netrunner LCG – Core Set
Barbeque Party
Battue Combo
Boss Monster
Chaos Marauders
Cleopatra’s Caboose
Draco Mundis
Duel in the Dark
Game of Thrones Card Game
Gunship: First Strike!
Heroes Incorporated
Letter of Marque
Love Letter: Legend of the 5 Rings Edition
Love Letter: Kanai Factory Limited Edition
Myth: Pantheons
Okko: Era of the Asagiri
Road Kill Rally
Rush n’ Crush
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Smash Up
Snow Tails
Star Wars: X-Wing


Initial Play and Win titles chosen!

We are working on the play and win titles for 2014. While these are subject to change (and we’re definitely adding more!) you can see the most up to date choices here:

Here’s the list so far!

Euphoria (x3)
Transylvania: Curses & Traitors (x2)
Robinson Crusoe (x2)
Rampage (x3)
Council of Verona w/ Expansion (x2)
Paradise Fallen w/ Bonus Tiles (x2)
The Lost Dutchman (x2)
Rise (x2)
Lords of Waterdeep with Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion (x3)
Russian Railroads (x2)
Terra Mystica (x2)
One Night Ultimate Werewolf (x2)
Glass Road (x2)
Suburbia +Expansion (x2)
Coal Baron (x2)
Archipelago (x2)
Love Letter (x3)
Kemet (x2)
Skull and Roses (x3)
Cinque Terre (x2)
Ascension: – Apprentice Edition (x3)
Pathfinder ACG (x2)
La Boca (x2)
Eldritch Horror (x2)
Escape: The Curse of the Temple with Quest Expansion (x2)
Hanabi (x3)
Tsuro of the Seas with Tile Expansion (x2)
Carcassonne South Seas (x3) – GW purchase
Firefly (x2) – GW purchase